Rates 2024

Real Club de Golf Sotogrande has ideal playing conditions all year round.

We would ask that you read our Rules of Etiquette for Visitors as acceptance of these.

Green-fee 18 holes 325 €
Green-fee 18 holes weekend 355 €
PGA Profesional 270 €
Caddy 60 €
Buggy 50 €
Electric trolley 18 €
Hand trolley 7 €
Set of golf clubs (Taylor Made) 49 €
Practice Balls 2 €


Unless expressly stated otherwise in these regulations, these rules of etiquette will apply both to the long and to the short course.

  • Clothing must be in keeping with the game of golf. It is prohibited to be on the course wearing swimming costumes, sarongs or wraps, tennis shorts, jeans or gym clothing, calf length trousers or collarless or sleeveless shirts (for men) and tank tops or camisoles (for ladies). The use of golf shoes is compulsory, and shoes with spikes are prohibited.
  • If a cap is worn, wearing it with the visor facing backwards is not permitted.
  • The irregular purchase of balls on the golf course is strictly prohibited.
  • Groups must consist of a maximum of four players. Groups of more than four players are not permitted either on the long or on the short course.
  • Players must present themselves on the first tee at least 5 minutes in advance. If they arrive after their tee time they will lose their right to play.
  • Skipping holes or changing the established order for the round is prohibited, unless the holes preceding and following the hole to which the players intend to move are completely free of players. In any case, the group that has skipped a hole or holes must give way if a group playing the full round catches up with it.
  • Running electric or hand trolleys over tees, between bunkers and greens and between greens and water hazards (penalty areas) is prohibited, with the sole exception of the right-hand side of hole 1.
  • Every player must repair pitch marks, fill in divots with sand and rake bunkers.
  • All golf buggies and electric trolleys have a GPS (SatNav) system installed to ensure that they observe the rules governing their use at all times. Using reverse gear to reach the green or restricted areas is prohibited. In cases of proven disability (with a certificate presented in the Club offices) the General Manager will be authorised to release the GPS (SatNav) system, in which case they will carry a identifying mark.
  • It is strictly prohibited to remove or tamper with the device for controlling the pace of play which is fitted to golf trollies and buggies.
  • The standard maximum time for completing the round of 18 holes on the long course is 4 hours 10 minutes. Groups that have fallen a complete hole behind must give way to the group following them even if they are within the time limit for playing the 18 holes, provided that the group following them has at least 3 players. The Marshal may oblige a group that has fallen a complete hole behind to skip a hole.
  • Each golf buggy has a maximum capacity of two players and two golf bags.
  • The maximum time players may remain at the bar on the 9th hole is 10 minutes. In any case, they must leave it when the players in the following group arrive there, even if the 10 minutes have not elapsed in this case, or alternatively give way to the other group.
  • Bringing pets onto the golf courses and into other facilities is strictly prohibited.
  • Going for a walk and/or a run on the courses and the paths adjacent to the fairways is also prohibited. The Marshals are responsible for checking that these rules are complied with and players are obliged to obey their instructions and indications.

The Marshals will report all the infringements they observe to the General Manager, for pertinent purposes, identifying the persons responsible.